Training Center

 Here are two important websites that can help you through networking your Impath Networks DVR or NVR 

Port is an excellent website that shows you how to configure your router properly. The site includes screenshots of each portion of the process making it extremely simple to use

                You Get Signal

You get provides you with all of the tools you need to check your network status. After completing your Impath Networks installation, use their port forward tester to make sure everything is working. 

Please check to ensure that you Impath Networks NVR/DVR has the most current firmware version. 

Firmware for Current and Discontinued Product
Model Firmware
iN7100 Pro Series NVR V5.79
SM-iN5216A V2.616.0001.8.R.20140120
SM-iN5208A V2.616.0001.8.R.20140120
SM-iN5104C V2.616.0001.8.R.20140120
SM-iNVR5032 V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110
SM-iNVR5416-16P V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110 
SM-iNVR5216-P V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110 
SM-iNVR3216V-P V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110 
SM-iNVR3204V-P V2.616.0000.0.R.20140110 
SM-iN0404HE-AS V2.608.0000.1.R.20120215 

Required Ports for Current and Discontinued Products
Model Ports to Open
iN7100 Pro Series NVR/Hybrid 5100, 5101
Caveo Series (8 Channel and Up) 1104, 1108
iN3000 Series Embedded DVR, NVR 8081, 37777, 37778
iN5000 Series Embedded DVR, NVR 8081, 37777, 37778
iN0804, iN1604 and iN3204HF-S Series DVR 8081, 37777, 37778