ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems)

Reducing traffic jams and slow-downs by adding intelligence from high quality video solutions rather than increasing the number of lanes or traffic police, has been an efficient cost saving initiative for transportation professionals world-wide. The following are examples of Impath successfully providing Real-Time video monitoring solutions in North America, Europe, Asia and China.

Florida DOT, District 6, U.S.A.

The state of Florida, District 6 has selected Impath's i-Volution i-4100 digital video encoding system for monitoring Highway 826. The i-4100 was chosen for its size, robustness and tolerance to harsh temperatures. Impath's interoperability with other video products in the network was a major factor for the selection.

Florida Turnpike, Florida, U.S.A.

The Florida Department of Transportation utilizes Impath's i-Volution solution to monitor the 280 miles of the Florida Turnpike. The solution provides a total video surveillance system (100 cameras in the first phase) for both traffic control centers in Orlando and Pompano Beach. The solution is reliable, robust and easy to use, and also provides the flexibility to address network growth, which will come with future expansion of this project.

Miami Dade Expressway, Florida, U.S.A.

The Miami Dade Expressway Authority has selected Impath's i-Volution i-4100 video encoding system for Highway 836 (also known as the "Dolphin Expressway"). The Authority will share its video with other agencies such as the SunGuide Operation Center. Product interoperability and wide operating temperature range was a major factor for this project.

Virginia DOT, Norfolk, U.S.A.

Interstate I-64 and Route 44 have Impath's fully integrated video, voice and data systems installed at over 200 sites in a network that Impath was called upon to help design. The installation base includes the TeleVue Applications Management System. Three phases have been completed with VDoT - a testament to the quality of the Impath line of equipment.

Toronto's Highway 401, Canada

Innovators in the field of ITS, officials at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) were the first in Canada to implement a fully integrated video, voice and data ITS network in 1989. Since that time MTO has developed a comprehensive ITS infrastructure along Highway 401 in the Toronto area, and has installed Impath equipment at over 250 sites. Recognized as the second busiest highway section in North America, over 32,000 vehicles per hour make use of the roadway. Reflective of its confidence in Impath over the years, MTO has partnered with Impath on 8 phases of its ITS project (commonly referred to as COMPASS).

City of Ottawa, ON, Canada - Downtown Surveillance

The City of Ottawa uses Impath's solution to monitor traffic in the downtown core of the city. The add-drop capability of the TransPorter solution collects the video from various intersections and brings it all back to the Control Center using only 2 fibers.

Arizona DOT, Phoenix, U.S.A.

Interstate I-10 in Phoenix, Arizona, following Phases I and II of its project, has an installation base of fully integrated video, voice and data systems. For manageability, it depends on Impath's TeleVue Applications Manager.

Caltrans, California, U.S.A.

Impath provided equipment for this critical ITS project in Santa Monica on the I-5, currently the world's busiest highway. In addition, Impath equipment is installed in the ITS systems of the Golden State I-105 and I-405 highways, and the I-10 state freeway.