Metro Transport

Cities and municipalities want to optimise their services, reduce their tax expenditures and improve safety and security for their citizens. Impath Networks offer simple network connectivity that can be readily expanded as the needs grow. Real-Time video monitoring can now be integrated with storage and analytics when and where needed to protect vital assets. Here are a few examples of cities that have implemented Impath Networks solutions.

Dalian Light Rail, Dalian, China

Impath and Melit Communications, a national Chinese integrator, have partnered to deliver a powerful IP video surveillance solution that offers the situational awareness necessary to protect Dalian’s light rail system in the most comprehensive and cost-effective manner possible. Read this case study.

LA Transit, Los Angeles, Ca., U.S.A.

Impath multiplexers (with up to 12 channels of video per multiplexer) are installed at 16 stations in the LA Metro Greenline system.

Boston MTA, BostonBoston, Mass., U.S.A.

Impath has provided products with up to 18 channels of video per station.