Air / Sea Transportation

Impath Networks specializes in Real-Time monitoring of larger mission critical transportation facilities such as airports and seaports, Impath's surveillance solutions provide high quality video of incidents and exposes potential threats before they can be realized. Embedded analytics in edge devices provide intelligent features that add value to your monitoring system. As an example, motion detection makes it possible to automatically trigger an alert when a person is walking by or someone is entering a restricted area.

JFK Airport, New York, NY, U.S.A.

This huge installation within the International Arrivals Terminal at JFK maintains traveler safety by way of hundreds of cameras placed in virtually all regions of the terminal - passenger areas, luggage and cargo areas, the tarmac, and the perimeter in its entirety. Impath's sophisticated CCTV network is managed by Impath's TeleVue Applications Manager.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Authority of New York & New Jersey asked Impath to provide multiplexer systems for its revenue control network at three airports (LaGuardia, Newark and JFK). Impath's equipment has also been installed at 12 major stations for the Trans-Hudson Rail link and Newark Subway systems. Impath has provided data communications products for the LaGuardia fire alarm system.

Raytheon, China

Impath was selected by Raytheon Canada, to provide voice and data telecommunications equipment for installations in China. Impath equipment was the favored choice for airports in Zengzhou, Xian, Nanchang, and Taiyuan.