Impath Networks understands the needs and requirements of the security market. Be it Homeland Security, protection of vital assets, protection for our citizens or loved-ones, real-time video monitoring with analytics for identity management and intrusion detection is needed to deter and prevent crime and terrorism. Post event solutions include storage and information dissemination. Inter-operability is of vital importance to ensure all key players can be involved. Here are a few examples of critical security systems that have implemented Impath Networks solutions.

Army Bases, USA

A series of i-Volution products are deployed at a selection of US Army bases to monitor troop activity. The solution offers the ability to deploy temperature-hardened encoders around the base using the optical interface of the i4000 product. For monitoring, ClientVue™ provides the ability to monitor any activity from any PC workstation located on the base.

Air Force Bases, USA

A series of i-Volution encoders and decoders are integrated into Air Force base perimeter security systems throughout USA. Impath provides the video components that are used in conjunction with access control systems.